GHR Logistics Management Australia - Our Approach

GHR Logistics Management Australia operates “partnership” arrangements with its clients, jointly developing recommendations that will improve their logistics. 


The GHR Logistics Management Australia approach to undertaking all projects is  based on the following principles. 

All of our consultants at GHR Logistics Management Australia have had experience in line management and logistics. Our people are practitioners not theorists. 

Our Australian logistics management consultants ensure that the right experience is utilised on the project. Simply, we place the right consultants on the job. 

Solutions are implemented by working in conjunction with our client’s management.  This requires our consultants to have a physical presence at our client’s premises for the life of the project. At GHR Logistics Management Australia, teamwork is encouraged as well as an ownership of the project by the client’s key management. 

The GHR Logistics Management Australia focus is aimed at ensuring that our clients provide their customers with a high level of service at minimal cost.

Our logistics management consultants have acted for numerous companies across all industry types.  Success is based on results that can be measured and implemented.  All the projects undertaken by our logistics management consultants provide practical solutions that they implement.

Logistics is an integral part of ensuring customer service standards. Service channel must involve all aspects of the supply chain to ensure on time and intact deliveries to the customer.  All changes should be measurable by their impact on profit performance.