Locations – Australia, United Kingdom

  Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria



GHR Supply Chain Consultants is a specialist consulting organisation founded in 1991. We provide and implement solutions across all industries and aspects of the supply chain for our customers.

Our organisation’s success is based on the fact that our 12 consultants are industry experienced and able to provide and implement practical results across the Supply Chain.

GHR Supply Chain Consultants are committed to innovative solutions through investment in people, technology and training. This ensures our consultants have the correct knowledge and tools to provide our customers with cost effective solutions.


Our Consultants operate “Partnership” arrangements with customers, jointly developing recommendations that will improve their supply chains performance.


The approach to undertaking projects is based on the following principles:


PEOPLE - Our people are practitioners not theorists.

PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE - With our consultants we ensure that the right experience is utilised on the project.

CLIENT INVOLVEMENT - Solutions are implemented by working in conjunction with our customers management team.

IMPLEMENTATION - Our Consultants will develop a structured strategy for implementing the recommended results.


Logistics Consultancy Services 70%
Supply Chain Consultancy Services 80%
Transport Consultancy Services 87%
Project Management Services 90%